HR Movin' and Steppin' Challenge

submitted by: Milliman Inc

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily
Completed at least 30 mins of moderate intensity activity True/False Daily
50 flights of stairs Integer Daily
Selfie of you movin' and steppin' Image Daily


HR you've been challenged!

Movin' and Steppin' Challenge March 16th through March 28th. 

The challenge: Attain 100,000 individual points by March 28th.

50 flights of stairs/day = 10,000 (200 points per flight)

30 mins of moderate intensity exercise/ day = 10,000 points

10,000 steps = 10,000 points

Rules - A maximum of 10,000 points will be counted for each challenge day. Note: You can enter up to 30,000 per day but only 10,000 are eligible points.

All participants will be eligible for super cool raffle prizes throughout the Challenge weeks.