Collecting and Validating Participant Data

Data collection and verification is the single most difficult task for any fitness challenge program.

ChallengeRunner solves your data collection problems by providing state-of-the-art systems for recording participant challenge data all of which are included with your account:

Web Page
Internet-based data entry page provides a simple method for data entry regardless of challenge complexity
Smartphone interface wraps all of the participant webpage functionality into an easy-to-use app
Texting interface allows data entry from virtually any mobile phone and for those with limited Internet connectivity
Activity Tracker
ChallengeRunner now includes automatic data collection from Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, COROS, Wahoo, Polar, Samsung Health, Withings (Nokia) and Strava

While security and functionality were our two primary concerns when building ChallengeRunner, they were followed closely by usability. Once a participant logs into ChallengeRunner, they are presented with one page that will allow them to enter and view data for multiple dates and various challenge types. They can also view progress and current standings. Everything you and your users need in one, simple package.
Our ChallengeRunner iPhone and Android apps are currently available free of charge from Apple App Store Google Play app store. After a one-time easy login, users are able to quickly enter their participant data from anywhere. Full functionality means that the app will work for any challenge types.
The texting interface was a suggestion we implemented for countries where Internet connectivity can be spotty at best. It also proved convenient when a user just needs to send in a text message to record a simple data entry for the day. While not appropriate for every challenge type, it can be a great option for steps walked, activity minutes, and current weight.
ChallengeRunner has partnered with Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, MapMtFitness, COROS, Wahoo, Oura, Polar, Samsung Health, Strava, Suunto, and Withings (Nokia) to provide seemless, no touch, data collection for your fitness challenge. Participants simply allow any of these activity trackers to send collected data to ChallengeRunner through their profile and their challenge activity is recorded automatically!
Verifying data entries can be as important as data collection since a simple typo can completely skew and invalidate a challenge. ChallengeRunner handles data validation in two ways: data entry and data reporting. Administrators can set upper and lower bounds for data being entered which can stop 5000 steps from turning into 50,000 steps and keeps the challenge competitive. The challenge admin may also allow the system to automatically warn the user if their entry falls outside of the normal statistical range. Similarly, the View Activity Data report allows admins to view all participant data in a scatter chart so that they can quickly see any abnormal data entries.
Safety & Security
Data collection doesn't end with gathering and validating participant data. To keep your participant data safe and comply with HIPAA and HITECH laws, personal health information must be kept safe during transmission and storage. To that end, all data sent to and from ChallengeRunner and the users browser or smartphone is encrypted using the same HTTPS technology used by your bank. Furthermore, all challenge data, regardless if it is "number of steps" or "weight in pounds", is encrypted on our database. To go a step further, we store the bare minimum information about both our clients and their employees.