Exactly what you need for your health and fitness competition

ChallengeRunner.com includes all the features you want in a health and wellness challenge management system. With ChallengeRunner, you can easily start up multiple challenges of varying lengths that encompass any criteria you can imagine. Admins can quickly invite employees or other organization members to participate and even form them into teams if desired. They can then enter data into the user accounts or allow users to enter their own data from an easy to use home page. Lastly, admins and users can view the resulting challenge report or access can be granted to others through an external webpage.

Admin Features

Health and fitness competition creation is simple and straightforward. A wizard screen steps you through the process and helps you make choices based on your needs.

Challenges are based on anything you like: weight loss, steps walked, breakfast eaten... you name it.

Need ideas for your next challenge? No problem, admins may select from hundreds of tested, admin-community submitted challenges.

Once your competition or competitions are ready, inviting participants is just a few mouse clicks away. You may choose to generate a "Sign up" URL, send email invitations to potential participants or just have the system add prior participants to the new challenge.

The challenge administrator may also access user logs which is particularly helpful when entering data during weigh-ins or if individual participants will not be entering data directly.

Participants can optionally be organized into teams whose averages would compete against other teams or individual users.

User Features

Simple one-page competition logging system allows users to quickly enter data and view results

Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, MapMyFitness, COROS, Withings (Nokia), Wahoo, Oura, Polar, Samsung Health, Strava, and Sunnto devices allow participants to enter data automatically.

The ChallengeRunner smartphone apps allow users to enter data and view leaderboards. This is particularly handy with image-based challenges.

With available text-message based logging, users can enter their data through any mobile phone

A simple comments section allows participants to motivate one-another to strive harder

User-to-user and user-to-admin messaging available

Reporting Features

Challenge progress reports are available directly on the user home page, admin page and through the smartphone app.

Password-protected external page can make the competition progress report available to authorized non-participants such as upper-management.

Member names can be masked with system generated anonymous IDs to protect privacy