Facebook Integration with ChallengeRunner

ChallengeRunner Integration with Facebook

Easily integrate your fitness challenge into your Facebook business page

Driving traffic to your Facebook business page is an important step in marketing your company and building awareness. You can now tightly integrate your Facebook business page with a fun, engaging tool to help your audience maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Companies can use this feature to provide an easy portal for employees to log into their wellness challenge, organizations can use this feature to build their Facebook community, and wellness / fitness businesses can use this feature to seamlessly integrate their online presence with their featured challenges.

Simple Integration

  1. Create a ChallengeRunner organization account. Please see: New Organization
  2. Enable Facebook Integration and options from the Settings page
  3. Create a Facebook page. Please see: How to Set Up a Facebook Page
  4. Create a new tab on the Facebook page that uses the ChallengeRunner link provided in step 2
Depending on selected settings, any visitor on the Facebook page will then be able to log in or sign up for new ChallengeRunner challenges.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On allows a user of one system to automatically sign into another system. ChallengeRunner now accepts Facebook credentials as authentication for signing into the platform. Visitors to your Facebook business page can, through the click of one button, log into the fitness challenge you created in ChallengeRunner. By driving traffic to your challenge through your Facebook page, you can dramatically increase Facebook traffic as well as participation.

Challenges can be set up to allow only registered challenge participants to sign in, allow group members to register for new challenges, and / or allow any Facebook page visitors to register for new challenges.

For more information on integrating ChallengeRunner with Facebook see: Facebook Integration