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Choose either our free, ad-based, Community Edition or our low-cost, full featured Commercial Edition!

PRICING DETAILS: The ChallengeRunner platform provides unprecidented value. The ad-supported Community Edition is available free-of-charge while the tracker-enabled Commercial Edition is available at a very low cost. There are no add-ons or startup costs; therefore, a 4-week ad-free challenge with 50 participants using trackers costs only $36. You pay only for the actual challenge duration. The registration period before the challenge and report access after the challenge are free.

The Free Trial provides limited access to the Commercial Edition to create a test challenge with up to 10 participants for two weeks.

Community Edition

FREE Unlimited Participants

Commercial Edition

$ 9 per week or $ 149 per year with up to 50 participants

$ 15 per week or $ 249 per year from 51 to 100 participants

$ 25 per week or $ 349 per year from 101 to 200 participants

$ 40 per week or $ 549 per year from 201 to 500 participants

+ $ 30 per week or $ 449 per year
for each additional 500

*Free Trial is for 2 weeks with up to 10 participants

To learn more about pricing and edition features see our pricing page.