Fitness Challenge Admin Reporting

Comprehensive reports are needed to effectively manage your challenge to its conclusion.

The most important report in a fitness challenge is the leaderboard. Without an accurate leaderboard, participants will lose faith in the fairness of the challenge and participation will suffer. However, there are many additional reports needed to manage your challenge including those to view participants, challenge data, participation, milestones, and even reports to compare the effectiveness of different challenges. If the Commercial Edition is being used, these reports can be downloaded as a .csv file which opens in a spreadsheet for further analysis or recordkeeping.

challenge participant information
Participant Information

The Challenge Participants report shows all group members who have enrolled in a challenge. The report displays participant's name, email / member Id, team (if any), and tracker if one has been registered. The download for this report also contains the user's anonymous id, start date, and location if selected. An added feature to this report is the ability to remove participants from the challenge but retain them in your group.

challenge user data
Challenge Data

The Activity Data report is invaluable when validating the data contained in the leaderboard. This report displays all the raw data points collected for this challenge and can help the admin and / or participant identify when data was entered as well as its value. As a secondary benefit, an admin can download this report and use it to create their own leaderboards if desired. With image or text-based challenges, this report is a convenient way to collect the information submitted by all participants in one report.

The Activity Data report will show the participant's Name, Date, Value, Status, and Notes. The status will alert the admin if the value of the data falls two standard deviations away from the norm and is considered "outlier" data. An outlier does not mean that the data is incorrect; only that the admin may want to verify it. The admin may also allow participants to enter additional "Notes" with the data they submit. If they do, this information will be shown in the Notes column.

The activity data dialog also has a unique feature that allows admins to bulk upload participant data. This feature is useful for uploading large volumes of past or current participant data. Using the csv download feature you can archive the data in a challenge and then potentially use the upload feature to load this data into a new challenge.

challenge participation report
Participation Report

Occasionally, the admin may want to know which users are participating in the challenge and those who may need a little encouragement. The Participant Activity Report allows the admin to enter a date range (the default is the start and end date of the challenge), an operator such as greater than, less than, or equal to, and finally the number of data entries. With these entries the admin could see, for example, how many participants had less than two entries in the past week. The resulting report will show the users name, email / member Id, entries, and their team (if any)

challenge effectiveness report
Challenge Effectiveness Report

Fitness challenges are supposed to have a high return on investment which is why over half of the companies in the United States and almost all the Fortune 500 run some type of fitness challenge. It is also known that a challenge with high participation will have the greatest ROI. But, how do you rate the effectiveness of your challenge? ChallengeRunner provides an Effectiveness Report that will show the total number of participants for every activity in your challenge. The report will also display participation at the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% marks in your challenge for each of your activities. This can be used to compare your different challenges against each other to determine which activities are more effective and even help determine an appropriate duration for the challenge.

By default, the report will show the effectiveness for all participants in your challenges; however, you can also run this report for selected teams or individuals.

checkpoints reached report
Milestones Report

The Milestones Report is used to determine which participants or teams cross a checkpoint and the time and date it was crossed. This report is particularly useful when challenge awards are achieved by crossing a milestone instead of who has the most points on a given end-date. To this effect, the report shows the participant or team name along with the date and time they crossed every milestone in the challenge. The headings are sortable to make it easy to find the order in which a milestone was reached.

most improved report
Most Improved Report

Depending on the type of activities in a fitness challenge, some participants may not have any realistic expectation of winning. However, the Most Improved Report is used to determine the participants who has progressed the most in relation to where they started. Through the use of statistical analysis and the removal of aberrant data, ChallengeRunner can determine the participants who have advanced the farthest and allowing them to be recognized for an achievement that is maybe more important than winning the challenge itself.