Get Fit Challenge Hickman County

submitted by: Hickman County Extension FCS Program

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked ( Fitness Device Sync available) Integer Daily
Start Weight in Pounds Decimal Weekly
Attended Extension Seminar or Activity True/False Daily
Week 1 (2/7-2-13): I made a healthier food or beverage choice this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 2 (2/14-2/20): I used a stress management technique 2 times this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 3 (2/21-2/26): I engaged in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes on 4 days this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 4 (2/28-3/5): I recorded my food and liquid intake in a food log (digital or hand written) for 4 days. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 5 (3/6-3/12): I unplugged from social media 1 day this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 6 (3/13-3/19): I made a lower-calorie beverage choice 3 times this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 7 (3/20-3/26): I made a weekly food plan and ate at home at least five times this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 8 (3/27-4/2): I engaged in moderate physical activity for at least 1 hour on 3 days this week. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 9 (4/3-4/9): I made smart substitutions at least four times this week i.e evvo vs. meat fat, moving during t.v. vs. sitting, whole fruit dessert vs. added sugar. Multiple Choice Weekly
Week 10 (4/10-4/15) I have created a plan to keep me accountable on my healthy journey and showed two people. Multiple Choice Weekly
I maintained or lost weight during this challenge. True/False One Time Only
End Weight in Pounds Decimal One Time Only
Exercise or Active Activity Minutes per day (30 min for weight maintenance- 45 to 1 hour for weight loss) Integer Daily


Welcome to the online portion of the Get Fit Challenge 2016!!! The challenge will begin on February 5 and end on April 15. You must weigh in in-person on February 5 and April 15 at the Hickman County Extension Office.

Participants are challenged to meet the weekly goal of 150 exercise points (minutes) and/or 60,000 steps and challenge points for specified weekly health behaviors.  Workouts can be done anytime, anywhere; however, workouts or activity minutes must be recorded within one week of the workout date. Additional Bonus Points can be earned for attending Extension seminars and activities.  Please see the Bonus Points section on the Hickman County Extension FCS website for details (Get Fit Challenge)

Participants may compete on a team or as an individual.  Those wishing to form a team should email  with the team name and names of all team members. Teams will compete for the Community Health trophy, which will go to the team with the highest percentage of points (ALL team members must meet the minimum criteria of 2000 points). Team size should be limited to 10 members.  

All members who complete the program will receive a prize at the end of the program. Those that meet at least 60% of the program goal (1200 points) will be entered into drawings for several very nice prizes!

For more information on the program, visit Get Fit Challenge and like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the latest FCS Extension news (

As a participant in the Get Fit Challenge, you will be added to the Get Fit Hickman County Facebook Group