April Wellness Madness

submitted by: Fillmore County Hospital

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
I took 10,000 or more steps today True/False Daily
I exercised for 30 or more minutes today True/False Daily
I ate a HEALTHY breakfast w/in 2 hours of rising today True/False Daily
I was hands free while operating a vehicle today True/False Daily
I strength trained at least 2X this week True/False Weekly
I ate 5 servings (combined) of fruits & veggies today True/False Daily
I had 2 or less hours of non-work screen time today True/False Daily
I avoided sweets today! True/False Daily
I took Me Time at least 2X this week True/False Weekly
I drank 64 oz or more of H2O today True/False Daily
I went DARK for at least 2 meals this week True/False Weekly
I adopted the Gratitude Attitude this week True/False Weekly


Team up with your coworkers to create a roster of 5 people. Each team member will have the opportunity to socre points through daily and weekly shots. Point opportunities will change up from week to week, so pay close attention to your tracking sheets.

Jenni will tally up the points and report on weekly team standings.

The team that has the most points per game at the end of the challenge will win a catered lunch!