Spring into Action 2019

submitted by: Mountain-Pacific Quality Health

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Achieved Integer Daily
Active Minutes Integer Daily
Adding 1 (one) more glass of water to daily routine True/False Daily
Additional Movement Activity Added to Weekly Routine True/False Weekly
Included 3 Minutes of Mindfulness/Meditation to Daily Routine True/False Daily


This challenge is eight (8) weeks beginning Sunday, March 17 and ending on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  Last day to register is March 21.

Each participant must register at https://mpqhspring2019.challengerunner.com

Contest Criteria

You can participate in one or both contests, as it is your choice.

First contest is tracking your steps each day! The goal is to achieve 10,000 steps per day. Although, if averaging a lower number of steps/day, for contest purposes gradually increase that number by 500 to 1,000 per day toward recommendation of 10,000 steps/day. Daily steps will be capped at 12,500. Track your steps using a pedometer, smartphone or fitness tracker.

The second contest will be most active minutes for duration of challenge. You can count moderately active minutes by simply walking, running, hiking, walking the dog, swimming, spinning, biking, rowing, raking leaves, shoveling snow or climbing stairs to name a few. Basically, being moderately active with an elevated heart rate for a duration of time constitutes movement and should be tracked. Most trackers begin tracking at 10 minutes of consistent movement. The goal is to accumulate a minimum of 150 moderately active minutes per week. Active minutes will be capped at 120 minutes/day. Track your moderate activity using smartphone, fitness tracker or manually (form available for easy manual tracking).

Extra Contests within Challenge

With this challenge there will be three additional contests available to Spring into Action 2019 participants. These are designed to be small steps of change or addition to daily routine for positive impacts over time. Those successfully completing each extra challenge will be placed into a drawing for additional prize, to be determined.

Accessing Challenge

The current platform has capability to be accessed and updated with an app installed on your smartphone or by access via computer or Stars at: https://mpqhspring2019.challengerunner.com  Their Challenge Runner app can be downloaded to your personal smartphone via Google Play or App Store for access and tracking.


To encourage participation and moderate physical activity, we will be awarding prizes!

Most Improved -

  • Most improved individual from week one to week eight for active minutes will receive *4 hours of admin leave.
  • Most improved individual from week one to week eight for steps achieved will receive *4 hours of admin leave.

Most Steps and Active Minutes -

  • Individual with the highest cumulative active minutes will receive *3 hours of admin leave.
  • Individual with the most total steps will receive *3 hours of admin leave.

Consistently Active

  • Each participant achieving a minimum of 60k steps and 175 minutes of moderate activity in a single week (Sunday-Saturday), will be entered in a weekly drawing for *1 hour of admin leave. This will be 8 separate drawings, one for each week of challenge.
    • Weekly drawings will be held on Wednesday. The first week’s drawin