DIF Core Challenge

submitted by: Dew It Fitness

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Challenge - Planking (in seconds) Integer Daily
Log Plank Test Results Here (in seconds) Decimal One Time Only
Plank Test Completed? True/False One Time Only
Challenge - Reverse Crunches (in reps) Integer Daily
Day 1 Core Workout Completed? True/False Weekly
Day 2 Core Workout Completed? True/False Weekly
Day 3 Core Workout Completed? True/False Weekly
Challenge - Plank Circuit (in rounds) Integer Daily
Flash Challenge - Pike Jumps Image One Time Only
Challenge - Hollow Body Rocks Decimal Daily
Flash Challenge - Banana Rolls Image One Time Only
Flash Challenge - Sit-ups Decimal One Time Only
Challenge - Leg Hops Decimal Daily


Dew It Fitness Core Challenge

Gain points for completing Challenge Activities each week.

Check back regularly for flash challenge activities!

Let's have fun with this :)



Challenge activities will be shown as they become available.

Make sure to enter the correct value when logging an activity score. The value is listed in the activity title (Challenge - Plank (in seconds)) as well as in the challenge activity's description. For example, plank activity scores should be entered in seconds while reverse crunch activity scores should be entered in reps. 

Standard Activities will last 1 week from Mon - Sunday.

Flash Activites will last 2 - 3 days.

Core Workout Activities reset each week. Log that you completed your workout in the gym each time to earn points.