Spring Team Challenge

submitted by: Roche Pleasanton

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Daily Steps Walked Integer Daily
Daily Active Minutes Decimal Daily
Group Exercise Class Integer Daily
Bike to Work Day Integer One Time Only
Weekly Workout Integer Weekly
Weekly Walking Club Integer Weekly
Meditation Seminar Integer One Time Only
San Jose Shamrock Run Integer One Time Only
Omni Fight Club Class Integer Daily
PPIE Pleasanton Run for Education Integer One Time Only
Intro to Kickboxing Integer One Time Only
Applied Meditation for Stress Management Integer One Time Only
Fitness Q&A Integer One Time Only
Chef's Table Post Workout Meal Integer One Time Only
Health Center Open House Integer One Time Only
Ergo Showroom Open House Integer One Time Only



Welcome! This quarter we are doing our first ever team challenge! This event will last for 4 weeks from March 7th - April 5thThere will be a $5 buy in per person and all funds will go towards the total cash prize pool!

How It Works

This challenge will be based on the number of points you can accumulate as a team throughout the 4-week challenge. You will need to download an app called ChallengeRunner onto your phone or you may use the website. The team with the highest combined accumulated points will be the winners of the challenge. There is a variety of ways to accumulate points such as steps, active minutes, or going to group exercise classes. Also, there are other one-time events that grant you a larger amount of points such as the Meditation Seminar or the San Jose Shamrock Run.

How You Get Points

Each activity varies in points. Look below to see how you can get points for each activity. Keep in mind that ChallengeRunner can sync with most wearable technology (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Samsung, etc.) to keep track of steps and active minutes for you.

Note: For some of the activities we will have to add the points for you to keep accountability.

Data You Track Yourself

  • Steps Walked = Daily Steps Walked x 0.0005 (e.g. 1000 steps x 0.0005 = 0.5 points)
  • Active Minutes = Daily Active Minutes x 0.033 (e.g. 60 mins x 0.033 = about 2 points)
  • Group Exercise Class - 2 points / class. (e.g. If you attend one class then enter in 2 points on ChallengeRunner. If you attend two classes then enter in 4 points on ChallengeRunner) 

Data We Track/Enter For You

  • Bike to Work – 9 points / person – One-time event
  • Weekly Workout- 2 points / week / person 
  • Walking Club - 2 points / week / person
  • Meditation Seminar - 9 points / person - One-time event
  • San Jose Shamrock Run - 9 points / person - One-time event
  • Omni Fight Club Class - 6 maximum points available / person - 3 points / class (We have 2 free class passes you can pick up at the front desk inside the fitness center)


  • $5 buy in from each team member is due by the start date 3/7/19 or your team will not be able to participate! You must pay in cash or venmo Sydney Collins.
  • You must form teams of 4 people. If you do not have enough people for your team let us know so that we can connect you to other teams looking for individuals.
  • Be honest when entering data into ChallengeRunner. Nobody likes cheaters!


  • 1st Place Prize: Cash, Sweatshirts
  • 2nd Place Prize: Cash, Sweatshirts
  • 3rd Place Prize: Cash, Sweatshirts
  • Team with the highest group class attendance: Sweatshirts
  • Team with the most creative name: Sweatshirts
  • Participation Prize: T-shirts