Winter Warriors

submitted by: CPC Wellness Centre

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily
Physical Activity Minutes Integer Daily
Wellness Tasks & Activities Integer Daily
Week 1 Challenge True/False One Time Only
Week 2 Challenge Participation True/False One Time Only
Week 2 Challenge Photo Image One Time Only
Week 3 Challenge True/False One Time Only
Week 4 Challenge True/False One Time Only
Week 5 Challenge Integer One Time Only
Week 6 Challenge Integer Daily


Join the clan in your work area and compete in the wellness centre’s Winter Warriors challenge. Each clan will have a clan leader and everyone can earn points with daily tasks and activities as well as special events.  Points earned will be automatically averaged to accommodate for different sized clans. The challenge will run February 4 through March 17, 2019. Then come for The Games on March 20, the winning clan will have an advantage and the losing clan will have a disadvantage. Check the website for more information. Register now by dropping by or emailing the wellness centre at