SWC Group Ex Challenge 2019

submitted by: Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Book an Inbody Assessment True/False One Time Only
Try a new exercise or class this week. True/False Daily
Get your groove on and attend a Dance X class True/False One Time Only
Take 5 minutes to breath deeply/meditate today. True/False Daily
Bring a friend - to class or workout together True/False Daily
Choose a space in your home/office to declutter and organize True/False One Time Only
Attend a Pilates class to help improve your core strength True/False One Time Only
Write down 3 things you are grateful for today. True/False Daily
Cardio Challenge - attend a Spin/Dance X/Step class or perform the Sprint 8 program (Matrix Equipment) True/False Daily
Reach out to family/friends and let them know you are thinking of them. True/False Daily
Pick up a heavier weight than normal in a GGG or Body Blast Class True/False One Time Only
Give yourself 3 compliments today. True/False Daily
Work on your flexibility this week by attending a Yoga class True/False Daily
Give back this week, donate clothes, buy a coworker/friend coffee or donate to a local charity True/False One Time Only
Get that heart rate up today - do 50 Burpees True/False Daily
Drink up - go the entire day drinking nothing but water. True/False Daily


Thank you for participating in our Group Ex Challenge at the Fanshawe College Student Wellness Centre.  This portion of our Group Ex Challenge is not mandatory but you can use these challenges to gain additional bonus points.  If you choose not to take part your points will still count from signing up and participating in your classes.  Participate in small weekly challenges to gain additional points.