21 Days of Winter Wellness

submitted by: Albemarle County HR

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Went for at least a 20 minute walk? True/False Daily
Hit at least 10,000 steps in a day? True/False Daily
Slept for at least 7 hours? True/False One Time Only
Ate at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies? True/False One Time Only
Helped a coworker, friend, or family member with a task? True/False One Time Only
Disinfected objects and surfaces in the office? True/False One Time Only
Consumed at least 15 micrograms (μg) (or 600 IU) per day of Vitamin D? True/False One Time Only
Washed hands thoroughly before eating meals? True/False One Time Only
Exercised with a coworker? True/False One Time Only
Participated in at least 30 minutes of strength training? True/False One Time Only
Walked or ran a 5k? True/False Daily
Tried a new fitness activity? True/False One Time Only
Spent at least 10 minutes on a destressing activity (meditation, deep breathing, stretching, etc.) True/False One Time Only
Replaced an alcoholic drink with a mocktail? True/False One Time Only
Shared a healthy lunch with a coworker? True/False One Time Only
Consumed 25 grams or less of added sugar in a day? True/False One Time Only
Incorporated healthy fats at every meal (i.e. nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, fish, etc.)? True/False One Time Only
Stopped to 'smell the roses' during a work break? True/False One Time Only
Expressed gratitude toward a coworker? True/False One Time Only
Completed the ergonomics self-check on the BeWell website? True/False One Time Only
Performed a random act of kindness? True/False One Time Only
Engaged in a self-care activity (took a relaxing bath, tried aromatherapy, wrote in a journal, etc.) True/False One Time Only
Scheduled a preventative health screening? True/False One Time Only
Cut out screen time before bed (i.e. cellphone, TV, tablet)? True/False One Time Only
Conducted a safety check around your office or home? True/False One Time Only
Tried out a new, non-work hobby? True/False One Time Only
Signed up for a wellness-focused class or watched a relevant TEDtalk? True/False One Time Only
Talked with MedExpert about new ideas to achieve health goals? (It's free, easy, and private! Just dial: 1-800-999-1999) True/False One Time Only
Drank personal recommended intake of water in a day. (At least half of your body weight in fluid oz.) True/False One Time Only


21 Days of Winter Wellness 

The 21 Days of Winter Wellness encourages participants to become more aware of the several pillars of wellness that contribute to overall health! To receive credit, participants must log into the ChallengeRunner.com system and check which activities they completed. While it is recommended that participants log these activities every day, you have up to three days post challenge to log any remaining data.

This challenge will run for 21 days. At the end of this period, the department or school with the highest percentage of participants completing the most activities will receive a supply of delicious, nutrient-dense snacks for their breakroom and bragging rights!

In addition, every participant who records a minimum of 15 activities will receive a participation certificate.

The 21 Days of Winter Wellness has the following characteristics:

  • Upon challenge registration, you will select your school or department’s team to join. If you cannot find your team, please contact BeWell.
  • In the leaderboard, each participant can see how many activities they have recorded. Other participant's names will not be seen.
  • If you link a fitness tracker, its data will automatically be synced, and you cannot override it.
  • 30 different activities covering fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, safety, and mental health, which participants can choose to attempt within the time frame. 
  • Activities linked to fitness trackers will be automatically updated daily, but you will only receive credit for completing the activity once.
  • The ability to join the challenge anytime during the 21 days.
  • Admin support from BeWell, including a list of FAQs on the webpage!