KP Lihue Health Challenge

submitted by: Kaiser lihue

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Did your body fat decrease this month ? or if at goal did you maintain ? True/False Monthly
did you lose inches this month ? or if at goal did you maintain ? True/False Monthly
Did you achieve your weight loss goal ? If at goal weight did you maintain? True/False Monthly
meets calorie goals 80% of the time - 24 days a month True/False Weekly
did you exercise 90 minutes per week or 360 minutes per month & track in My Fittness Pal? True/False Monthly
did you drink at least 64 oz of water every day? & track in My Fitness Pal? True/False Monthly
did you track all food, water and exercise in my fitness pal 80% of the month - at least 24 days True/False Monthly
did you get 7-9 hours of sleep 50% of the month ? True/False Monthly
are all of your CARE GAPS completed ? True/False One Time Only
how many x's did you get this month ? Decimal Monthly
Upload Progress Picture Image Monthly



  • To improve the overall health of Lihue Clinic staff. 
  • To look and feel great in 2019
  • To help one another develop healthy habits 
  • To win some cash money!!! through “healthy” competition