2018 January Wellness Challenge

submitted by: Millennial Action Project

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Exercised for 30 minutes or more? True/False Daily
Packed a lunch? True/False Daily
10 minute daily meditation? True/False Daily
Finish a book? True/False Daily
Got 8 hours of sleep? True/False Daily
Average screen time - January 7 Decimal Daily
Average Screen Time - January 31 Decimal Daily
Screen time reduced? True/False Daily
Ate 3 meals today? True/False Daily
No caffeine today True/False Daily
No alcohol today True/False Daily
Do an act of kindness today? True/False Daily
How many steps did you take? Integer Daily
How many oz of water did you drink today? Integer Daily


Start the year off right with a challenge designed to improve your body, mind, and soul! Get points for different acitivities, and if you get XX points ar more, receive a prize! If the team gets a cummulative YY points, we will all do a team outing.