30 Day Fitness Challenge

submitted by: Canton Township

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Summit Check-In True/False Daily
Swim in the Summit pool True/False Daily
Eat five servings of fruits/vegetables True/False Daily
Drink eight glasses of water True/False Daily
Cook dinner at home True/False Daily
Prepare a healthy lunch for school/work True/False Daily
Digital Detox: No screen time for two hours True/False Daily
Run/walk one mile True/False Daily
Attend a Summit group fitness class True/False Daily
Attend a registered group fitness class True/False Daily
Participate in a personal training session True/False Daily
Attend the 30 Day Challenge Workshop on January 31st True/False Daily
Take a selfie with your group fitness instructor Image One Time Only
How many push-ups completed in 1 minute (modified push-ups are acceptable) Integer One Time Only
Bring a friend to the Summit for Free! (Today Only) True/False One Time Only
Did you enjoy this challenge and would you participate again next year? Multiple Choice One Time Only
Steps Walked Integer Daily


Compete against Summit members in a 30 day health, wellness, and fitness challenge! Complete tasks on the provided list from January 2nd-31st and see how you are competing against other members! There will be pop up challenges throughout the 30 days to earn bonus points, so be sure to check the app daily. You will be allowed to enter your daily activities up to 2 days after (Monday activities have until Wednesday to be entered). Prizes will be awarded to the top three participants on the leader board. Additional prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge for the pop-up tasks.