Healthy Holidays

submitted by: Pentec Health

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
How many hours did you sleep last night? (7-10) Integer Daily
Did you eat breakfast? True/False Daily
How many ounces of pure water today? (min 64) Integer Daily
How many minutes of moderate-strenuous exercise? Integer Daily
2 minute meditation / sitting in silence? True/False Daily
20 minutes of light activity? True/False Daily
How many Fruits/Veggies eaten today? Multiple Choice Daily


The Healthy Holiday challenge is designed to encourage employees to maintain well-being during the often stressful time between Thanksgiving and year end!

Starting Monday December 10th and ending Friday December 21st, track and record your progress daily via the app or website on the following activities:  

  • sleep for at least 7 hours  (1 point per hour up to 10)
  • eat breakfast (1 point)
  • drink at least 64 oz of water (1 point per oz. 64 and above)
  • meditate or sit in silence for at least 2 minutes (1 point)
  • eat 5 or more fruits/veggies (1 point per serving)
  • gentle activity for at least 20 minutes (1 point)
  • Moderate to strenuous exercise up to 40 minutes daily (1 point per minute)

Tracking points is on the honor system.  Prizes for midway milestones may be posted periodically and can only be won once, but please keep tracking your points!