Awesome Wellness Challenge

submitted by: AWC

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily
Active Minutes (Exercise & Stretching) Integer Daily
Hours of Sleep Decimal Daily
Food Diary (Screenshot) Image Daily
Caloric Deficit (TDEE Deficit) Decimal Daily
Water Consumed (In Ounces) Decimal Daily
Weekly Weigh-in (Points calculated from % lost.) Decimal Weekly


Our goal is to challenge each other to be better in all aspects. We want to eat better, look better, and feel better, so step up to the challenge and help each other out!

Points are awarded for:
Getting sleep at night
Eating within your daily caloric limits
Drainking a healthy amount of water
Tracking what you eat with a food diary
Walking daily
Exercising and yoga
Weight loss from healthy living

Weigh-ins will be every Tuesday morning around 10:00 AM.