The Great Race - Bellevue and Chicago

submitted by: Donnelley Financial Solutions

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Walk, jog, run, cycle - distance traveled Integer Daily
Did not consume any sugary treats or beverages today (no cookies, candy, soda, etc.) True/False Daily
Went dark for at least one meal (no tv, computer, phone, etc.) True/False Daily
Ate at least one serving of a healthy green today (kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.) True/False Daily
Ate at least one serving of fresh fruit today True/False Daily
Drank 64oz of water today True/False Daily
Received a flu shot - ONE TIME ONLY True/False One Time Only
Manual Entry for distance traveled in miles TO BE USED ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT SYNCING YOUR FITNESS DEVICE Integer Daily
Got at least 7 hours of sleep. True/False Daily


The Challenge

Did you know the distance between the Chicago and Bellevue offices is about 2000 miles.  Bellevue and Chicago will face off in a race to travel 2000 miles.  Chicago will "walk" to Bellevue.  Bellevue will "walk" to Chicago. Do you have what it takes to go the distance?

Create your own teams consisting of 4 participants max.  Designate a team captain, come up with a  catchy name, and sign up on Challenge Runner to start tracking your miles!

How to earn miles

  • The traditional way - Walking, Jogging, Running, Cycling
  • 30 min of other physical activity (yoga, weight lift, etc.) = 5 miles
  • Avoid sugary treats ALL day (no soda, cookies, candy, etc.) = 3 miles
  • Go dark for one meal once per day (no tv, phone, laptop, etc.)  = 3 miles
  • Eat a serving of a healthy green once per day = 3 miles
  • Eat a serving of fresh fruit once per day = 3 miles
  • Drink 64oz of water per day = 3 miles
  • Get a flu shot = 10 miles - ONE TIME ONLY

The race will begin on Tuesday, October 9!