HKS 2018 Wellness Challenge

submitted by: Harris Kocher Smith

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Integer Daily
Exercise time in minutes Integer Daily
Fresh or frozen fruits and veggies Integer Daily
Financial Wellness lunch & learn Integer One Time Only
Sit Tech lunch & learn Integer One Time Only


Log as many points as you can between October 1-19. Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 23.

Points can be gained 4 ways:
  1. Walking/running steps measured via phone, fitbit, etc.
    (1000 steps = 1 point)
  2. Exercise time (10 active minutes = 1 point)
  3. Servings of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies (1 serving = 1 point)
  4. Attending Wellness Events sponsored by HKS (25 points each event)

Prizes: Vacation time, gift cards to local sporting goods shops, fitness goodies, and more! Participants will be entered into raffles for prizes based on total points accumulated. There be a Grand Prize for Most Points Overall and runner up.