21 Day Accountability (Aug '18)

submitted by: Work Hard Praise Hard Fitness

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
30 Minutes or more of Physical Activity True/False Daily
Daily Contact With Your AP (Accountability Partner) True/False Daily
5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily True/False Daily
MyFitnessPal Food Journal True/False Daily
Weekly Weigh In (Enter your weight once a week) Decimal Weekly
Minimum 64 oz of water daily True/False Daily
Second Workout True/False Daily
Saturday Workout True/False Weekly
B.Y.O.L. (Bring Your Own Lunch) True/False Daily
Salad as a Meal (Meal Prep or Dining Out) True/False Daily
I limited my carb intake today! (Under 100g/day) True/False Daily
10,000 steps a day True/False Daily
Weigh In (for your weekly point) Weigh in weekly and receive double points at the end of the month! True/False Weekly
Friday Flights Multiple Choice Daily
I worked out on Friday!! True/False Weekly
Sunday Workout True/False Weekly
Smoothie/Protein Shake As A Meal True/False Daily


21 day challenge to help us form new habits, get healthy, and lose some weight in the process.