Homer Steps Up! 2018

submitted by: South Peninsula Hospital

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Homer Steps Up! 2018

Citywide Community Walking Challenge!

Homer Steps Up! 2018 is a steps-based community walking challenge to provide us all with a fun way to enhance what we’re already doing to get & stay active, help motivate everyone to be even MORE active, and to promote wellness by encouraging participants to walk more every day.

This challenge is open to ANYONE in the community!

Our OVERALL GOAL is to reach 100 MILLION STEPS total as a group – no matter how many steps you get, if you are participating you are helping us reach that goal!

Participants may use a pedometer or other step tracker to record their number of daily steps taken and input this number into the ChallengeRunner.com system either through the website or by using the ChallengeRunner smartphone apps!  Click on your profile to see your device and app options, and access the Support Guide!  While it is recommended that participants log steps every evening, everyone can enter steps anytime throughout the challenge until the challenge ends, and then everyone has 24 hours from the end date to enter any more steps!

Various Homer organizations & businesses will be participating as Teams, competing against each other only for the Trophy and “bragging rights”.  All individual participants will be competing for the actual prizes. 

Homer Steps Up! 2018 will run for the entire month of May!  At the conclusion, there will be many winners!  Here are just some of the awards you could win:

Grand Prize Winner: $500 - Everyone who reaches a total steps count of 300,000 steps (averaging around 10K steps per day)  or more will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize!

Second Place Winner:  $250 - Everyone who reaches a total steps count of 250,000 – 299,999 steps total will be entered into the drawing for the second place prize!

Third Place Winner: $100 - Everyone who reaches a total steps count of 200,000 – 249,999 will be entered into the drawing for the third place prize!

Highest Steps Winner: $500 - The Individual with the highest overall total steps for the duration of the challenge will win the High Stepper Award!

Stay tuned for info about the end-of-challenge party!

Throughout the challenge, there will be prize drawings each week for a winner in each of these four categories:

Individuals with a weekly step total of 35,000 – 69,999 steps (averaging 5K - 9,999 steps per day)

Individuals with a weekly step total of 70,000 – 99,999 steps (averaging 10k - around 14k steps per day) 

Individuals with a weekly step total of 100,000 – 139,999 steps (averaging around 14K - 19,999 steps per day)

Individuals with a weekly step total of 140,000 or more (averaging around 20K steps per day or more)

Using the weekly totals, and the total steps at the end keeps things challenging while taking into account that all of us have slow days here and there – that won’t keep you from reaching your goal!

Participants can see where they stand in relation to others on the leaderboard, and winners of prize drawings will be announced & contacted. 

If you have any questions about the challenge, or using ChallengeRunner.com or the apps – please contact your organization’s Team Leader if you are on a team, or contact the South Peninsula Hospital Wellness Department at 

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