Forever Fit Olympics

submitted by: Forever Fit San Diego

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Workout for at least 45 minutes at moderate to high intensity True/False Daily
Weigh in first thing in the morning and send your starting weight to Deanne True/False One Time Only
Drink at least 64oz. of water True/False Daily
Get at least 7 hours of sleep True/False One Time Only
Follow Day 1 of the Cleanse with no deviations True/False Daily
Follow Day 2 of the Cleanse with no deviations True/False Daily
Follow Day 3 of the Cleanse with no deviations True/False Daily
Have an eating cut-off time of 8pm True/False Daily
Go the extra mile. Walk one extra mile today in addition to your regular workout. True/False Daily
Keep your sugar under 25 grams a day True/False Daily
Do 2000 stairs this week. Any done at bootcamp count. True/False One Time Only
Do one yoga class this week at least an hour long. Can be in a studio or online. True/False One Time Only
Less than 25 grams of sugar True/False Daily
64 oz. of water True/False Daily
5 servings of vegetables True/False Daily
No eating past 8pm True/False Daily
Weigh in one time this week True/False One Time Only
3 1-minute wall squats True/False Daily
3 1-minute planks True/False Daily
50 Burpees True/False Daily