Get up and move!

submitted by: Dr Mikesell's Crew

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
4 servings fruits and vegetables True/False Daily
10,000 steps True/False Daily
8 glasses of water True/False Daily
Stretching before and after active minutes True/False Daily
8 hours of sleep True/False Daily
45 active minutes True/False Daily
15 minutes reading or meditation True/False Daily


Hey girls and Dr.,

My idea for this competition is not to compete against each other but to challenge ourselves to do better and encourage each other, as well. It will be 5 days a week with two rest days. You can take them whenever you want but you can only post for 5 days each week.  We are working on an idea to have as a reward for everyone at the end of the challenge that we can do as a group. I'll keep you posted and if anyone has an idea, please pass it along!