Athleta/Camp Gladiator Commit to Get Fit 2-Week Challenge

submitted by: Athleta

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Completed CG Class? Which one? True/False Daily
Purchased Athleta Apparel? True/False Daily
Reached a personal milestone? Describe. True/False Daily
Keeping a food journal? True/False Daily
Working out with a friend? True/False Daily
Tried something new? Describe. True/False Daily
Spent time in nature? True/False Daily
Checked off a bucket list item? Describe. True/False Weekly
Steps Walked Integer Daily


Congratulations on making the Commitment to Get Fit! We have partnered with Camp Gladiator for two weeks of FREE classes for our Athleta community. Every class is 60 minutes of go-at-your-own-pace cardio and strength training led by a certified personal trainer and is held at various locations and times for your convenience ( Win prizes for attending class to feel better, making a purchase at Athleta to look better or reaching an important milestone. 

1) If you haven't already, please sign up on our Athleta Eventbrite at so that we know you are participating in the challenge and can make sure we communicate with you about milestones, prizes and challenge-related events. On the invitation you will receive a link to register with Camp Gladiator and contact the organizer, Lauren Bratcher for any CG questions.

2) Use this site to check in daily. We'll give prizes along the way (through emails and our FB community page). The grand prize is a $200 Athleta Shop Card and a limited edition Athleta bag filled with self-care goodies, which will be drawn on Monday, July 10th, after the challenge ends. Personal tracker users can use their devices for the steps walked portion of the challenge. Simply follow instructions from ChallengeRunner on pairing your device with our challenge tracker.

3) Receive support along the way by joining our FB community page @PowerofSheATX. 

Most of all, enjoy the power of community and the fun on the road to a healthy and happy lifestyle.