Are You Yeti to Get F.I.T? hashtagYetiUp

submitted by: Solution Design Group

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Total Daily Steps Integer Daily
Total Daily Active Minutes Integer Daily
Consumed 64 oz of Water Today True/False Daily
Avoided all sweets/dessert Today True/False Daily
Went DARK for at least 1 meal today True/False Daily
Avoided all fast or fried food today True/False Daily
Avoided Pop, Energy Drinks and Alcohol Today True/False Daily
Slept 7 or More Hours Last Night True/False Daily
Plank Challenge (Three 30 second planks) True/False Daily
Gratitude True/False Daily
Relaxation True/False Daily


Are you yeti to get F.I.T.? #yetiup is a 4-week event that will challenge you to increase your daily steps, overall activity, and to make healthy lifestyle choices. This is a team challenge, so the goal is to contribute as many points as you can to your team in the 4-week period.

The Prize

Every participating member of the winning team will receive a Yeti. What better way to carry around hot or cold (or adult) beverages and keep them at the same temperature.


Points for a given activity may be logged for up to seven days after the actual date (e.g. you may log items from July 24 until July 31).

The last day to enter points for the challenge is August 20 (the last day of the challenge).

You can log your daily points one of two ways:

  • Challenge Runner website:
  • Challenge Runner app on your phone (simply download on your mobile phone)

Additionally you can log daily steps and daily activity minutes using an activity tracker/activity tracking software.  The following activity trackers are supported (we have resolved issues from the previous challenge and apple health works):

  • Apple Health
  • Fitbit
  • Fitbug
  • Garmin
  • Google Fit
  • Jawbone
  • Misfit (Misfit devices do not track activity minutes)
  • Moves App
  • Samsung Health (Beta)
  • Withings

How to Earn Points:

1. Daily Activity Minutes: 1 point per 10 minutes

2. Daily Steps: 1 point per 2000 steps

3. H2O Intake: 64 oz Daily = 1 Point

4. No Sweets = 1 Point

5. Electronic Free Meal: GO DARK for At least 1 Meal Each Day = 1 Point

6. Gratitude: Show gratitude = 1 point

7. Avoided pop, energy drinks, and alcohol today = 1 point

8. Avoided all fast or fried food today = 1 point

9. Slept 7 hours or more = 1 point

10. Plank Challenge = 1 point

11. Relaxation = 1 point

For more information on specifics about points, please check out the description of the item, post a question on the challenge board or email sdgFIT.