2017 Spring Challenge

submitted by: Applus RTD Canada

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Did you make progress towards your own personal goal on this date? Multiple Choice Daily
How much physical activity did you do? Multiple Choice Daily
BONUS Activity! Add the number of stairs you climbed or steps you took in the notes section. Multiple Choice Daily


This challenge is a very simple one.  Now that you're signed in here, all you need to do is:

Set a personal goal for yourself.  It can be anything that will be beneficial to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing.   You can choose to share it - or you can keep it personal.  Either way, it should be something that you can measure your progress on every day.  Need some ideas?  There are lots online and here are a couple of places to start:

The Blissful Mind: Examples of Personal Goals

Setting Goals for Wellness

Decide to get moving.  Consciously make physical activity a priority in your daily life, instead of something you squeeze in if you can find the time.

Tell us how you did.  Each day, log in and let us know how things went on the previous day.  You don’t need to tell us the details – just whether or not you are on track with your goals and activities.  We are leaving it up to you to be honest with yourself and your colleagues.

Earn points as you work towards your goals…and maybe a prize or two.  Points will be awarded for amount of physical activity completed and daily personal progress.  On June 2nd, everyone who has earned at least 50 points during the month will be entered into a draw for a year's gym membership!  Or, if you're not a gym-goer, we can negotiate an appropriate equivalent prize.  (I’ve been told that apparently that's not a case of wine.)


Point System

Personal goals: earn 1 point for each day that progress is made.

Physical activity: earn 2 points for >40 minutes of activity and 1 point for 20-40 minutes per day.