Fit to be Launched: add some spring to your steps

submitted by: NASA Planetary Science

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily
Healthy Meals Today Integer Daily
'Steps' Converted from other activities Integer Daily


Dear PSD, family, and friends:  Motivate yourself for healthy behavior!

Movement:  You can count just about ANY physical activity (biking, golfing, gardening,etc.) and convert it to steps here:    (for example, if you garden you earn 80 ‘steps’ (points) for each minute spent gardening).  Data entry can be from web, or automatically from fitness trackers:  Apple Health, Fitbit, Fitbug, Garmin, Google Fit, Jawbone, Misfit, Moves App, and Withings.

Healthy Eating:  Keep track of when you eat healthy meals, 1000 points for each healthy meal/day, and an extra 1000 points for 3 healthy meals in one day.  You ENTER '1' for each healthy meal today.   (Max healthy eating points/day = 4000)

This activity will run from April 20 - May 2, 2017.  

Glad to see you here!

Questions?   See your Fit To Be Launched support committee:  Joan, Jonathan, Terri, Rick, Betsy and Chrissy.