EB Healthy Life and & Fitness Challenge

submitted by: Fitness At Work

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Steps Walked Integer Daily
Hours Of Sleep Decimal Daily
20 to 30 minute workout Decimal Daily
30 to 60 minute workout Decimal Daily
Vegetables Consumed ( 1 cup per serving of FRESH or FROZEN vegetables: 1- 10 points per day. Decimal Daily
Fruit Consumed (1/2 cup serving of FRESH or FROZEN fruit): 1 point per serving up to 5 Decimal Daily
Food Journal: 1 point per day Decimal Daily
Standing Up Every 30 minutes During Work. 1 to 4 points per day. Decimal Daily
Activities: You will be given a new thing to do each week of the challenge and which you can get extra points for. Decimal Daily


Welcome to the Healthy Life and Fitness Challenge.  You are about to begin your journey to improved energy, strength and vitality!  This challenge consists of 7 areas:  Food/nutrition, steps, workouts, hours of sleep, weight, water consumed and active lifestyle activities.  There will be points assigned to each category.  The healthier you are the more points you will recieve.  As an incentive, at the beginning of each week the top scorer for the week will be given an awards certificate.  At the end the person with the most points will be awarded with______.  The real reward will ultimately be improving your health,which in turn improves your life.  When it gets tough think about whatever your goal is or motivator and smile.  Have fun!