HB Life's April 30 Day Arm Challenge

submitted by: HB Communications Inc

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
April's 30 Day Arm Challenge Integer Daily


Welcome to HB Life's  30 Day April Arm Challenge!

Details below:


 Point Accumulation:

- Enter 1 for each exercise completed per day 

(Example: If you completed all activities for Day 1 activities, your entry for that day should be 3.)

- Each exercise completed will be worth 5 points. The system will automatically multiply each point you record. (Example: If you record 3 for completing the first day of actitivies, you will have 15 points.) 

- A 10-point bonus will be added to your score for every 50 points accumulated. 

View the videos below for examples of each exercise.


View the videos below for examples of each exercise.

Arm Circles


Arm Raises (Dumbells not required)


Half Cobra Push Up


Single Chest Press Pulse


Up Up Down Downs




HB Life's monthly fitness challenges are meant to promote health, culture and team building within our work community.  It is expected that everyone who participates in the montly challenges do so with integrity and good intentions.

Moving forward, the monthly prize after each challenge will be raffled and every participant in the challenge will recieve 1 entry to that challenge.

Every quarterly raffle will include and entry for each challenge that an indivdual participated in.