District 3 Agent Spring Challenge

submitted by: Pendleton County Cooperative Extension Service

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
I have participated in other UK fitness challenges True/False Daily
I consider myself as living an active lifestyle True/False Daily
I currently eat five or more fruit and vegetable servings daily True/False Daily
I currently drink over 64 ounces of water daily True/False Daily
I currently do not eat food or drink anything but water three hours before going to sleep True/False Daily
Steps Walked Integer Daily
I Consumed five servings of fruits or vegetable today True/False Daily
I drank 64 oz of water today True/False Daily
I did not eat or drink any calorie beverage three hours before going to bed True/False Daily
I attended a UK Livewell check in True/False Daily
Since participating in this challenge I have increased my physical activity level True/False Daily
I would use this APP to create a similar challenge in my own county True/False Daily
This challenge helped me eat more fruits and vegetable daily True/False Daily
This challenged helped me increase my water consumption each day True/False Daily
As a result of this challenge I consider myself making healthier lifestyle choices True/False Daily
I plan to continue those healthy changes even though the challenge is over True/False Daily
What County do you work in Multiple Choice Daily
I kept record of the food that I ate today True/False Daily


This challenge is for us to practice what we preach and will allow us to have a friendly competition to challenge us to have healthier lifestyle choices.

The challenge will start March 9th and will end May 7th.  It will be an eight week challenge and you will be able to see your standings daily.