Winter Wellness Challenge

submitted by: Miller Cooper

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Slept at least 7 hours last night Integer Daily
Ate a healthy breakfast today True/False Daily
Climbed at least 8 flights of stairs today Integer Daily
Drank at least 32 oz. of water today Integer Daily
Planked for at least 30 seconds today Integer Daily
Skipped eating junk food today True/False Daily
Meditated for at least 2 minutes today Integer Daily
Exercised for at least 20 minutes today Integer Daily


Winter Wellness Challenge!

This challenge is to encourage well-being during these cold winter months!

Starting the week of January 29 and running for 9 weeks, enter in daily wellness accomplishments and record your points:

Did you:

  • sleep for at least 7 hours last night? (1 point per hour)
  • eat a healthy breakfast? (1 point)
  • drink at least 32oz of water today? (1 point per oz. 32 and above)
  • skip sugary snacks (junk food) today? (1 point)
  • walk at least 8 flights of stairs today? (1 point per flight starting at 8)
  • plank for at least 30 seconds at least once today? (1 point per 30 seconds)
  • meditate for at least 2 minutes today? (1 point per 2 minute meditation)
  • exercise for at least 20-30 minutes today? (1 point per minute exercised starting at 20)

Every week brings a winner of a $50 giftcard!  Tracking points is on the honor system and you can only win once (but keep tracking your points)!