RossFit Wellness Challenge

submitted by: Ohio State University Ross Heart Hospital

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
20 Minutes of Physical Activity or 1 Rest Day/Week True/False Daily
Meals with non-processed / natural whole foods Integer Daily
Consumed 64 ounces of water Multiple Choice Daily
Fast food, fried foods or heavily processed Multiple Choice Daily
Cake, candy, cookies, pastries, & sweets Multiple Choice Daily
Sweetened Beverages Multiple Choice Daily
Sleep (hours) Multiple Choice Daily
Mindfullness (10 Minutes) Multiple Choice Daily
20 Minutes Outdoors (Uninterrupted) Multiple Choice Daily
Greater than 1 serving of alcohol for women or 2 servings for men Multiple Choice Daily
Bonus Challenge 1: Purpose Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 2: 80% Rule Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 3: Support (Moai) Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 4: Move Naturally Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 5: Downshift Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 6: Plant-Based Meals Integer Weekly
Bonus Challenge 7: Downtime Integer Weekly


The challenge will start January 10 and finish March 5.  You can register your points up to ten days after the actual date but all points must be registered by March 8.  Prizes will be based on average number of points per winning business units and teams.