2017 Winter Wellness Challenge

submitted by: Southington Public Schools

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Field LabelField TypeFrequency
Daily Steps-can be connected to an app. Integer Daily
Water consumed (up to 80 ounces). Integer Daily
7 (or more) Hours of Sleep True/False Daily
Clutter Free-Donate or Consign a grocery size bag of items you no longer need weekly. True/False Weekly
Minutes of Meditation Integer Daily
Blood Pressure monitored weekly by school nurse True/False Weekly
Meatless Monday (find recipes to share with challenge group, give to Amy Cap in room 231) True/False Weekly
Keep a Food Journal-try a fitness app like Apple Health or Google Fit True/False Daily
Minutes of Daily Exercise Integer Daily
Carb Free Tuesday (find recipes to share with challenge group, give to Amy Cap in room 231) True/False Weekly
Cap. Yoga Class at DePaolo Mondays 3-3:30 Jan 9-Feb. 27 True/False Weekly
Zumba at DePaolo- Thursday 3-3:30 Jan. 12, Jan. 26, Feb. 9 and Feb. 23 True/False Weekly
Cap. Beginner Circuit Class at DePaolo 3-3:30 Wednesday Jan. 18, Feb. 1, Feb. 15 and March 1 True/False Weekly
1/6-1/20 Challenge!! Polar Walking Plunge! -Daily Walk 15 Minutes Outside! True/False Daily
1/20-2/3 Challenge!! Healthy Breakfast Food Prep for each of the Two Weeks! True/False Weekly
2/14 ONLY Challenge!! Acts of Kindness on Valentine's Day! True/False One Time Only
2/3-2/17 Challenge!! Create a Gratitude Journal with One Entry Daily! (use this website for ideas http://www.everup.com/2015/11/24/20-prompts-for-gratitude-journaling/ True/False Daily
2/17-3/3 Challenge! Get Fit With a Friend! Lots of Options! Eat a healthy meal together, exercise together, call or write to friends or family! Choose your own healthy habit to share! True/False Daily
Ten Dollar Buy-In (See Amy Cap in Room 231 to submit entry fee) True/False One Time Only
Maintain Weight (weigh in weekly with school nurse) True/False Weekly
Weight Loss (weigh in weekly with school nurse) True/False Weekly


The Winter Wellness Challenge is intended to create healthy competition among colleagues, encourage participation in wellbeing activities and begin 2017 with some fun and prizes!!


Please consult with your Doctor before initiating any type of Nutrition or Exercise plan 

This is my first time using this program! I am learning with you :)