The Fitness Challenge Handbook

Designing The Challenge

Daily Checklist Challenge

In a daily checklist challenge, participants are tasked with performing one or more specific tasks on a daily basis and then recording their completion. The checklist tasks are generally written in such a way as to either give credit for completion or not. Therefore, if the task states “Spend 20 minutes exercising”, the participant either gets a point for completing the task or she doesn’t. The daily activities may be the same every day or might change on a daily basis. Some common checklist tasks include:
  • Log meals into a food journal
  • Use the stairs at work instead of the elevator
  • Park in the farthest available parking space
  • Record your weight into a log
  • Spend 20 minutes exercising
  • Drink at least 6 cups of water daily
Once again, this list can go on-and-on. The point is to make the participant think about their lifestyle and to help them make small corrections in order to improve their health. The great thing about a daily checklist challenge is that it is very open-ended and, if the items are changed regularly, it encourages participant engagement and the challenge remains fresh. The obvious down side is that the program administrator must provide extra effort in order to continue coming up with new activities.
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