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How does this program work?

  • Teams will be created based on geographic location (community). Corporate will be split into three teams.
  • During the six week program period, each team member will track their activity using a fitness device or smartphone app on a daily basis and either upload or manually enter the daily activity into the Challenge Runner website.
  • Though steps are tracked individually, they contribute to a team average. At the end of the challenge, the team with the greatest average total steps is the winner.
  • For the duration of the challenge, steps accumulate weekly. For example, if you walked 40,000 steps in Week 1, and 50,000 steps in Week 2, Challenge Runner will show a total of 90,000 steps for the end of Week 2.
  • Weeks run from Wednesday to Tuesday.

How do I track my steps?

  • You can track your steps in a variety of ways:
    • You can track your steps using one of the following fitness devices, which can synchronize your activity automatically to Challenge Runner:
      • Fitbit
      • Garmin
      • Jawbone
      • Misfit
      • Fitbug
    • Don’t have a fitness device? You can download the Moves App on your smartphone, which can also synchronize automatically with the Challenge Runner website. "https://www.moves-app.com/" target="_blank" >https://www.moves-app.com/
    • If you don’t have one of the above mentioned fitness devices or Moves App, you may use any step tracking device or app of your choice. Examples:
      • The Health App on iPhones
      • S Health on Samsung
      • LG Health on LG phones
      • My Fitness Pal App
      • Manual Pedometer
        • If you use one of these devices, or apps you will be responsible for manually entering in your step total for each day. You will have up to 2 days to enter in steps. You may not manually enter activity more than 2 days after the activity occurred.
        • For example: if you miss entering your steps on Saturday, you have until Monday to enter your steps for Saturday. If you do not enter steps for Saturday in that window, your total will be 0 steps for the day.  We want to make sure associates enter their activity on a regular and prompt basis.

What activity counts towards my steps total?

  • Any activity that registers as “steps” on a fitness tracking device, or app counts towards your step total for this Challenge.
  • Swimming and biking will also count toward your step total. If you are unable to track these activities with a tracking device, below is a simple formula to convert swimming and biking. Simply track the activity TIME, then convert the time into STEPS:
    • Swimming: 181 steps per minute of continuous swimming
    • Biking (including spinning): 170 steps per minute of continuous biking
    • Example, if you swim laps for 20 mins, you would convert that into 3,620 steps.

Can I win a prize?

  • To encourage participation and physical activity, we will be awarding prizes!
    • Most Active -
      • Each member of the team with the highest average steps for the entire challenge will win $50 in JVM Rewards!
      • The individual with the most total steps will win $50 in JVM Rewards!
    • Most Improved -
      • Most improved individual performer from week one to week six will win $50 in JVM Rewards!
    • Consistently Active
      • Each participant who reaches more than 60k steps in a week, will be entered in a weekly drawing for JVM Rewards!
    • Weekly drawings will be held on Fridays.