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Did you know that walking 10,000 steps every day is a simple way to maintain a healthy heart rate and prevent heart disease? With that in mind, we are pleased to announce an all-staff KING Team Walking Challenge designed to keep us active during these chilly winter months and promote heart healthy habits.

The Challenge

Join us for the next three weeks as we embark on a walking journey that spans 4,300 miles from NYC: Road to the Coliseum. We are calling on YOU to help us accrue the 9,000,000 steps we need to reach our final destination in Rome, Italy!

While this challenge will be measured in steps, all of your fitness activities will count towards helping us reach our goal. From a leisurely stroll through the park to an upbeat hip hop dance class and everything in between - it all counts towards earning your daily steps and our total team mileage!

Earn Bonus Steps

Your program/site can work together to contribute bonus steps to our team goal! If you do an off-site fitness activity as a group, you will earn extra steps, which will be added to the total step count. Activities can be anything from participating in a structured group fitness class or group fitness activity. Eligible activities must be at least 30-45 mins long.

  • A fitness activity with 5 people = bonus 25,000 steps toward the team goal!
  • A fitness activity with 10+ people = bonus 50,000 steps toward the team goal!

To receive your bonus steps, make sure you take a short video clip of everyone who participated in the fitness activity and send it via Slack to Chandra Labonte or email "mailto:chandra@kidsinthegame.com" target="_blank" target="_blank" >chandra@kidsinthegame.com .

Stay Fit Pop-Up Challenge

Keep an eye out for a new pop-up challenge emailed every week from now through February 28th. Everyone who completes the weekly task and sends Chandra photo evidence (via Slack or email) will be entered into a raffle to win one of our weekly prizes, such as a $50.00 Nike gift card, one-month subscription to ClassPass, or a NatureBox subscription for tasty, healthy treats delivered to your door!

End of the Month Prize

If we complete our team goal of 9,000,000 steps by February 28th, everyone wins! To celebrate, KING will host a special staff event at Yankee Stadium, NYC’s modern-day coliseum, where New York City’s Football Club will compete against D.C. United for the first home match of the 2019 Major League Soccer season. More details will be shared in the upcoming weeks!

Feel free to reach out to Chandra with any questions or concerns…. Let’s make every step count!