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  • FIT-P will host two APFT Prep Challenges in 2019—01 March-30 April 2019 and 01 August – 30 September 2019.  These challenges are designed to encourage preparation for the May and October APFTs.


    All Soldiers are encouraged to participate.  Participation from everyone helps demonstrate that fitness is something we all need to work on; participation from our leadership and fit Soldiers demonstrates leading by example; participation by our Soldiers who need to improve fitness provides accountability; and participation by everyone helps promote fitness culture.

  • Push-ups: report number of repetitions daily (one rep=one point)
  • Sit-ups: report number of repetitions daily (one rep=one point)
  • Run: report number of miles daily (one mile=100 points)
  • Walk, bike, swim: report number of minutes daily (walking minutes is only for APFT walkers=100 points; biking is only for APFT bikers; swimming is only for APFT swimmers—one minute=10 points)
  • Weekly bonus: an extra challenge will be announced each Sunday that must be completed the following week (Monday – Sunday) for bonus points (complete each weekly bonus for 100 points)