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Field LabelField TypeData EntryFrequency


  1.  H2O Intake: 64 oz. Daily = 1 Point
  • Track your daily water intake & earn one point for every day you succeed in drinking 64+ ounces. (water that is...  drink water... it's good for you)
  1.  No Sweets EACH day = 1 Point
    • We know, we know! We believe in you though!  Try and stay under 25g of total sugar intake per day if you can.
    • Earn a point for each day you are able to avoid all sweets/desserts (cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, ice cream, brownies, etc.). Yes, that one M&M counts as a sweet!
  1.  Electronic Free Meal: GO DARK for at least 1 Meal Each Day = 1 Point
  • Shut ALL electronics (TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc.) off and enjoy a distraction free meal with your family, friends, coworkers, or yourself. Let your mind relax and enjoy your surroundings. What will you learn when you go dark for an hour?
  1.  10, 15, 25 Daily Challenge: Complete 10 Push-ups, 15 Sit-ups, & 25 Squats = 5 Points
  • Push-ups: Any type will do: regular, knee, incline on a desk, wall, etc. 10 reps.  
  • Sit-ups: Pick any form & complete 15 reps.
    • Examples: full sit-up, crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises,  
  • Squats: Engage your lower body with 25 squats or sit-to-stands (from a chair). Be sure to use correct technique and get your butt down to or below parallel and keep the back straight when performing this exercise.
  1.  Exercise Minutes: 20 Minutes of Daily Exercise = 1 point
  • Earn 1 point for 20-30 total minutes of exercise, 1.5 points for 31-59 total minutes of exercise, or 2 points for 60 or more total minutes of exercise.
  • ONLY count activities specifically done for the purpose of exercise. Examples: walking, running, biking, elliptical, swimming laps, strength training, doing a workout video or class, etc.
  • The minutes of exercise can be accumulated throughout the day. For example: 10 minutes of walking in the morning and a 30 minute AK HIIT class after work equals 40 minutes of exercise and puts 1.5 points on the board.  
  1.  Burpee Challenge - 1 Burpee=1 Point
  • What challenge would it be if there were no Burpees.  Chest to Floor. Can just do a control fall and pop back up?  NO problem, walk them out and back up from the floor.
  1.  Class Attendance = 2 points
  • Easy as pie (but don’t have any…  See option #2) Attend regular class and earn 2 points.