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Please join for the start of an industry challenge that is focused around pushing yourself physically and mentally harder than you did in 2018.

Data Center Austin Conference (DC/AC) will be hosting a 30-day Data Center Fitness Challenge for all those willing and brave enough to sign up. The competition is open to all that are interested and will begin on January 3rd, 2019, and continue all the way through February 3rd, 2019. The competition will use the following metrics to track progress and award winner(s):

  • Calories burned (Active & Total)
  • Miles completed (Walked or Ran)
  • Total Lbs Lost (From Jan 3rd – Feb 3rd)
  • Number of Active Minutes (Intentional Exercise)

The purpose of this fitness competition is multi-faceted: the goal is to raise money for a worthy cause (selected by winner) while bringing all who participate closer together, all while pushing and bettering ourselves both mentally and physically. It will cost $50 to register, but all proceeds will go to the charitable group of the winners choosing. The winner of the competition will also be receiving a year-long right to the Official DC Fitness Challenge Championship Bet with their name engraved on it.