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Welcome to the Step into a New You Challenge!

The Challenge runs from January 14th through February 22nd. Your goal is to record as many steps as possible everyday. The participant to accumulate the most steps by the end of the Challenge wins the cash prize. which consists of the combined $20 entry fees. 

This Challenge is unique because this is the first time we are using an online program to track progress and to see how you are doing in comparison to the other participants. We don't expect any issues to pop up, but just in case, the Challenge Organizer will be keeping a separate back up log. 

For those of you using a compatiable activity tracking device, your steps are pulled every 15 minutes, so you don't need to do much aside from periodically logging into your account to make sure everything looks good. 

For those of you manually recording your steps, please remember to do this at the end of everyday. But, not to worry if you forget. The app will allow you to back track and record your steps up to 5 days past. 

I wish everyone the best of LUCK! 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the app, please see the FAQ section at the top of your screen. If this doesn't help, you can contact "mailto:Laura.Streeper@WillisTowersWatson.com" target="_blank" >Laura.Streeper@WillisTowersWatson.com or (775) 281-7881.