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“Fitmas” Challenge Details

  • The 30 day Fitmas Challenge will run from November 13th-December 13th 2018. This competition is both a group weight loss challenge and an active minutes challenge. Participants can participate in one or both challenges. The winners will be announced on December 14th. The winners do not need to be present or physically in Beijing if traveling.
  • This is our first time using Challenge Runner. Please keep track of exercise minutes during the first few days as we ensure that the tracking and syncing is working. Email "mailto:zakrockij@state.gov" target="_blank" >zakrockij@state.gov if having problems and we can troubleshoot the system. Your minutes can be entered manually if needed so your precious time gets counted.
  • Weight loss will be measured in the percentage of body weight lost.
  • The active minutes challenge will be measured by the number of minutes of aerobic physical activity. Physical activity approved for this challenge includes walking, yoga, jogging, running, cycling, marine CrossFit, HIIT, elliptical, and swimming.
  • Data will be measured by a weekly weight check in the MED unit every Tuesday during the time of challenge. If you cannot make it in Tuesday, come any time since the total weight loss will be cumulative. Active minutes will be measured by minutes spent in aerobic exercise through fitness trackers. There is an option for manual data by texting in the number of minutes spent in aerobic exercise if needed if you don't own a fitness tracker or are unable to sync a device.
  • Manual data entry will be done by texting in the number of minutes spent in exercise. To activate manual data entry, log into challangerunner on the computer and then click on your name. Click on "profile" and add in the phone number that you will text from and hit "save".
  • To log active minutes manually without a tracker, text in the number minutes spent in aerobic exercise to this phone number: 1-702-359-6777 once you have added your phone number into your profile.
  • If you have trouble entering data, please email zakrockij@state.gov.
  • You can download the app Challenge Runner to follow progress in real time. You will have a participant ID number so your confidentiality will be maintained. You can also log into computer and view dash board this way to follow progress. Once registered, you will not see anything in challenge runner until the competition begins. Once the competition starts, then you will be able to view data for the competition. See attached link for information on how to sync your device "Support/Trackers" target="_blank" >https://www.challengerunner.com/Support/Trackers .
  • Entrance fees to the competition will be $10 USD per person or 70 RMB. The prize will go to two different individuals, one for highest % of body weight lost and another for highest amount of active minutes logged. The prize will be a gift certificate for Decathlon, a local sport store.
  • Please drop off payment to MED. You will get a baseline weight, blood pressure check and a health information packet at this time.
  • Weekly progress updates will be posted in the Great Wall Gazette and you will also receive weekly emails with health tips. Participants will be posted based on assigned number so your name will not be published and you will have confidentiality.
  • Please remember that Bluetooth and wireless must be disabled on any devices used while on embassy grounds. Devices should only be deployed in the parts of embassy where they are allowed (which does include the Gym). Devices that require connecting to a computer must be synced at home. If Bluetooth/wireless cannot be disa