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Field LabelField TypeData EntryFrequency


  • How does it work? Each person will be assigned to one of two teams. Points are allocated for meeting certain fitness goals.  Each person will track the number of points they achieve each week, and the team captains will keep track of the group’s points. Even though we’re each individually tracking our points, this is a team challenge so we want to motivate our team members and make sure that we’re all staying on track.


  • How do I get points? Points are allocated based on each goal. The more goals you reach, the more points you can achieve and the more likely you are to win! We can’t really track what you did so we’re trusting you to be honest.
    • Steps (Walk): Daily Goals, 10,000 steps – 1 points; 15,000 steps – 2 points; 20,000 steps – 3 points
    • High Intensity Work Out/Gym/Jogging/Class: Attendance Goals, Each session (at least 45 min) – 2 points
    • No Added Refined Sugar (Eat Healthy): Daily Goals, Each day without added refined sugar (if it’s in the ingredients it’s added sugar) – 1 point
    • No Fried Food (Eat Healthy): Daily Goals, Each day with no fried food – 0.5 point
    • No Alcohol (Minimize Drinking): Weekly Goals, Each week with no alcohol – 3 points


  • Logistics? Each team will have a google document to track daily and weekly points. Weeks are considered Monday mornings to Sunday evenings. Make sure to log your points for the week by Sunday evening, and each team’s progress will be updated on Monday.  


  • What is the timeline?
    • Thursday, October 1stSubmit decisions to join the fitness challenge (you don’t have to join if you don’t want to)
    • Friday, October 2ndFitness committee to assign teams and provide log to keep track of points
    • Monday, October 5thChallenge begins
    • Monday, December 7thEnd of the Challenge


  • What do I get if we win? Each person on the winning team will get $150 spa treatment to be used between December 17th and December 31st.


Keep in mind we’re all abiding strictly by the Honor System! If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone on the fitness committee.