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Participants will challenge themselves to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for 90 days.  Steps will be tracked daily using the Challenge Runner app to sync their preferred fitness tracker. Challenge Runner supports the following devices: Apple Health, Fitbit, Fitbug, Garmin, Google Fit, Jawbone, Misfit, and Withings.  Please note that you DO NOT need a separate fitness tracker to participate, any smartphone will count steps as long as it is on you.  We will not be able to manually enter steps for participants, so you will need to use one of these devices to track your steps and sync with the Challenge Runner app.  You will also have access to the leaderboard which will show accumulative points for the challenge.  If you achieve 10K steps for the day, you will get “1” point.


The entry fee to participate is $10/person – entry fees will determine the prize pool amount


Now to the good part…..



The top three employees who have the most days with 10K+ completed by the end of the 90 days will win monetary prizes


1st Place will receive 50% of the overall prize pool

2nd Place will receive 30% of the overall prize pool

3rd Place will receive 20% of the overall prize pool


All other participants are eligible to win prizes along the way.