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Graham County Schools

Employee Wellness Program

In partnership with Harris Regional a Duke LifePoint Hospital

 and Swain Community a Duke LifePoint Hospital





Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year. I hope all of you took the time to get yourselves some rest and relaxation this summer. As we begin the school year, I want to express my gratitude for the work you do for our students. Each of you give so much time and energy to the kids in our community and because of that we often neglect to take good care of ourselves. We are excited to begin the 1st annual employee wellness program this year.


We are fortunate to have a great community partner who sponsors the staff wellness program. Swain Community Hospital/Harris Regional Hospital will support our wellness programs with both fiscal and human resources. This year’s program will be called:

Black Knights: Shield your Health


This program will begin September [24, 2018] and continue through May 14, 2019. There will be a $3,000 prize awarded to the school who obtains the most points. There will also be individual prizes awarded to the top 15 participants at the end of the year celebration.


The employee wellness program is based upon the idea of building points by participating in various activities throughout the school year. The hospital along with the Graham County Health Department will be working together to offer various educational sessions, health fairs, physical activity opportunities, and much more. You will be provided with a packet including this program outline, an event calendar, monthly challenge calendar, and goal setting worksheet. The program will use the online format of Challenge Runner to record points. You will enroll in the program on your pre-wellness assessment visit during September – you MUST participate in the pre-wellness and post-wellness assessment to be eligible to win a prize. You will be responsible for entering your own data. The information on how this platform will work will be discussed at the beginning of the school year. This platform will also allow you to upload info from your fitness trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, etc.), this means you can get points for your steps!!!


EVERYONE IN THE SYSTEM CAN PARTICIPATE! Central office, bus garage, directors, and maintenance staff will be randomly assigned to one of the elementary schools.


HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? All you need to do is begin the documentation process. The screening is REQUIRED.

When does it start? The program will begin September {24 }, 2018.


Important details

Please check out the Wellness Activities calendar for dates and school related fitness activities.

  • Throughout the year we are having a Steps challenge:
    • Walk Across the State (Murphy to Manteo)- 604 miles
    • Walk the Trail of Tears- 1,200 miles
    • Walk the Appalachian Trail- 2,200 miles


More information about these events will be emailed to you.

I hope all of you will be a part of this new program, accepting the challenge of Shielding your Health.