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Summer Strong

Summer Strong is an 8-week fitness challenge starting Monday, July 16th and ending Sunday, September 9th. 

This is a health & fitness challenge designed to increase or maintain your current state of fitness. By joining this “community,” you will continue to receive the encouragement and incentive through the summer before classes resume this fall. 

  • We will focus on daily & weekly goals for fitness & good nutrition
  • You will post daily on your private Challenge Runner page
  • Every Sunday, the week’s points will be posted and/or appear on the Challenge Runner Leader Board
  • Every week, the participant with the most points receives a prize; prize distribution will be arranged
  • The overall winner will receive a basket filled with Fitness Goodies, valued at $100
  • Stay connected through community engagement on the Facebook Group page: Summer Strong
  • Each participant receives a free Summer Strong T-shirt
  • You are on the honor system for posting your activities
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and additional resources are located on the Take Shape Studio website at: www.takeshapestudio.com/challenges

The cost to participate is $20, payable by: 

  • Cash
  • Check, payable to Take Shape Studio
  • Thru Pay Pal (payment link available on Take Shape Studio website)

Daily Challenges:

  • Drink (8) 8oz. of water daily; 1pt. each day (7 total possible pts. each week)
  • Post daily on your Challenge Runner dashboard; 1 pt. each day (7 possible pts. each week)

Weekly Challenges:

  • Each week on Tuesday & Thursday morning, attend one of my live video workouts: 
    • 2 days = 20 points 
    • 1 day =  10 points
  • Workout 5 days a week: 5 pt. each workout, 25 total points per week
    workout examples: walk, hike, at-home DVD or online workout, run, bike, etc. 

Week 1 (July 16-22) Walk 15 miles by the end of the week             15 points

Week 2 (July 23-29) 15 squats: 3X per day for 3 days                    15 points

Week 3 (July 30- Aug 5) Pushups: 3X per day for 3 days                15 points

Week 4 (Aug  6-12)  Plank challenge: 5 days, 30 sec.                    20 points

Week 5 (Aug 13-19) 15 crunches: 3X per day for 3 days                15 points

Week 6 (Aug 20-26) Go Meatless: 15 points /1 day or 25 points/2 days

Week 7 (Aug 27-Sept 2) Try a NEW workout from home                 15 points

Week 8 (Sept 3-9) Wrap-up; finish STRONG:

Day 1: 20 Squats 3X day for 20 points

Day 2: 15 Pushups 3X day for 15 points

Day 3: Plank Challenge/45 sec. for 20 points       

Day 4: 20 Crunches 3X day for 20 points

Winner will be announced on Monday, Sept. 10th
Fall Classes will resume Saturday, Sept. 8th