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We are pleased to announce the kick off of the DMS 90 Day Challenge! The program is simple: we want everyone at DMS to live their best lives through self-improvement and wellness. Each participant will outline their overall challenge goal and create their own individualized program based on the Core 4 that will help to achieve that goal.

The competition goal is for participants to attempt four challenge-related actions each day and earn 360 points by the final day of the program. Concerned about time? Don’t worry! DMS 90 is intended to allow participants to accomplish the Core 4 tasks on a consistent and daily basis at their own pace. Each day, participants have the opportunity to earn up to 4 points via their challenge-related actions plus bonus points for capturing and sharing the journey via photos and videos.

The reward for this achievement is DMS swag that is non-monetary, because your growth is invaluable. Obtaining points for each activity will be very subjective and personal to the individual. DMS 90 will reward the highest point earner(s) at the conclusion of the program.


  • Timeframe: Sunday, July 1 through Friday, September 28. 
  • Participants must identify and express their 90-day goal on the excel sheet.
  • Individuals must download the excel spreadsheet to track activities and submit via email to "mailto:DMS90@thedmsgrp.com" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >DMS90@thedmsgrp.com by the 10th day of July, August and September by 11:59 p.m. ET to be eligible. Participants will be disqualified if the spreadsheet is not submitted for each month by the due date and time.
  • Point-earning activities must relate to the Core Four: Body, Being, Balance and Business.
  • Each Core 4 activity is valued at one (1) point.
  • The goal is to reach at least 360 points by the end of the program, which is 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 19.
  • The winner(s) will be the individual(s) who have earned the most collective points.
  • Photos and videos of activities taken and shared with DMS add an extra half (½) point per task.
  • Participants are also allowed to post videos and photos to the internal slack channel [TBD] using the hashtag #DMS90. Please note that by submitting a photo or video participants are authorizing DMS to publish content on external corporate social media channels Twitter and Facebook.
  • While DMS encourages participants to take lots of photos, individuals will only get credit for a task once per day.
  • DMS reserves the right to prohibit from posting internally or externally should the participant videos and photo content be deemed inappropriate.
  • Everyone is eligible to WIN!