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Veritas 2018 FitBit Challenge

Below you will find the challenger rules and weekly challenges.

This challenge will run for 4 weeks. At the conclusion of 4 weeks, the teams with the top recorded steps will be awarded the following:

  1. First Place Award
  2. Second Place Award
  3. Third Place Award

The Walking Challenge with Fitness Trackers has the following characteristics:

  • In the leaderboard, each participant is able to see where they stand in relation to other teams using real names.
  • Participants are allowed to enter as many steps as they'd like, daily.
  • In addition to the daily steps that will be tracked, weekly challenges can be completed to earn extra points at the end of the FitBit Challenge.

Devices should be synced every day!



1st Challenge – Fitness class: gym class/location needs to be in the photo as well as the time you started and the time you ended. (10,500 points)

2nd Challenge – Walk from the ferry building to Pier 39 (take a group photo in front of the ferry building and again at the end of your walk in front of the painted whale under the words PIER 39) (6,500 points)

3rd Challenge – 2 mile walk or run: post picture in Yammer with time you started and starting point and again where you stopped with time ended (pictures need to include all participants doing this challenge, location needs to be recognized, and the time needs to be visible) (8,000 Points)

4th Challenge – Healthy lunch or dinner. Picture needs to include all participants doing this challenge in front of the restaurant and a second photo of all meals (4,000 points)


  • All challenges must include at least 7 members of your team
  • Photos MUST be uploaded in Yammer and need to include all 7 members for all challenges
  • It cannot be the same 7 members of your team, switch it up!
  • If you can get your entire team to participate in a challenge, an extra 25,000 points will be added to your count.

One last thing to remember, do not forget to sync your devices every day.

Have a great time steppin'!