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MAY 1 – MAY 31

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, so to celebrate NAI Michael is hosting the Step into Summer Fitness Challenge!

Everyone here is encouraged to sign up and participate in the challenge. Participants will be divided into teams. Team members will run, walk, hike, bike, crawl, or skip to travel the furthest distance. Based on the activity, mileage is tallied into points that work for the overall team goal. At the end of the challenge, the team with the most points wins!

THE CHALLENGE:  Be active and move daily to get as much mileage as you can!

PARTICIPANTS:  Anyone & everyone at the office that wants to sign up.

TEAMS:  All participants will be split into random teams. Your team will work together and keep each other motivated to win the challenge.

ACTIVITIES:  Running, walking, biking, hiking, crawling, skipping, rollerblading… any way you want to move for your team! (Except driving. That doesn’t count!)

DAILY LOG:  Track your daily mileage using a step counter or fitness device. Log your mileage in Challenge Runner to calculate your points Challenge Runner.

THE GOAL:  To get the most mileage and points for your team!



At the end of the challenge, we will host a fun party with awards and prizes! We want everyone to do their best and feel good. Part of this challenge is developing habits that will help your overall health and wellbeing. Good luck to everyone!

How to Sign Up & Participate

  • Go to Challenge Runner to create an account (use the link in the email to access the correct challenge)
  • “Step into Summer Fitness Challenge (NAI Michael)” will come up and include you in the challenge.
  • To log activity, enter your total mileage next to the appropriate activity. Please include decimals and do not round your mileage. The system will include decimals when calculating your points.


Running / Walking / Hiking:        1 mile = 1 point

Biking / Rollerblading:                3 miles = 1 point

 *Please let us know if you have another activity that you want to use during this challenge. The challenge admin can create new activities.


  • Wait a couple moments and the leaderboard will update with the newest standings! Please note, the numbers on the leaderboard are your team’s total points. The mileage you enter for each activity is converted to points and each team’s goal is to get the most points.
  • Log your activity daily for the entire month of May. (At the end of the challenge, participants will have an extra two days to log their final activities.)

If you have any questions, please let Courtnye know!